10 Principles for Spiritual Parenting: Nurturing Your Child's Soul
By Mimi Doe with Marsha Walch, Ph.D. Psychiatrist and writer Robert Coles, M.D. says of this book, "This valuable, instructive book helps parents stop and think about what really matters so that they can help their children do the same and thereby get to the heart of the spiritual life." 

Publisher: Harper Perennial

Building Self-Esteem Through the Museum of I...25 Original Projects that Explore and Celebrate the Self
By Linda R. Zack. 

Publisher: Free Spirit Publishing

Camp About Face
A week-long camp for children with facial difference.

Craniofacial Program Office, James Whitcomb
Riley Hospital for Children, Indianapolis, IN 
(317) 274-2489

Cultivating Connections
School counselor Molly Foot is truly cultivating connections with adults and children with her game Branch Out. Deep appreciation of self and others comes each time this clever, active game is played with 2 to 35 players! School counselors, scouts, faith communities, etc., are singing the praises of this new resource. Be sure to see the video of the game being played on their web site.

907 Harris Ave., Ste. 301
Bellingham, WA 98225
(360) 647-5120

Curriculum of Love - Cultivating the Spiritual Nature of Children
By Morgan Simone Daleo.

Publisher: Grace Publishing, 1996

Delicate Threads - Friendships Between Children With and Without Disabilities
By Debbie Staub, Ph.D.

Publisher: Woodbine House

Developing Social Skills (video)
Top notch resource! See The Family Resource Library for contact and ordering information.

David McKee has woven a story about an elephant named Elmer who is the only elephant in the jungle who is patchwork instead of gray. We are invited to share what happens when Elmer gets tired of being different. This is a story about laughing with, instead of at, something different. 

Publisher: Lothrop Lee and Shepard Books

Growing Good Kids—28 Activities to Enhance Self-Awareness, Compassion and Leadership
By Deb Delisle, Jum Delisle. This K-5 book is full of fun creative activities that promote self awareness, tolerance, character development and service to others. A good gift for your faith community or school!

Publisher: Free Spirit Publishing

Homemade Books to Help Kids Cope
An Easy-to-Learn Technique for Parents and Professionals

Publisher: Magination Press

If We Were All the Same
An outstanding audio tape and illustrated children's book from Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. See Family Communications for contact and ordering information.

I Like Me
By Nancy Carlson. A story book. Good "going to the hospital" or birthday gift. Ages 3-7. 

Publisher: Puffin Books, 1988

It Takes a Village and Other Lessons Children Teach Us
By Hillary Clinton. 

Publisher: Simon and Schuster, 1996

Just Because I Am
By Lauren M. Payne. From this book and leader's guide, young children can learn that they are special "not because of things I do, not because of what I look like, not because of what I have... just because I am." 

Publisher: Free Spirit Publishing

The Kid’s Guide to Service Projects—Over 500 Service Ideas for Young People Who Want to Make A Difference
By Barbara A. Lewis. For Ages 10 and up, this classic book covers just about any subject a child might have an interest in and guides them to taking action. Good teacher gift.

Publisher: Free Spirit Publishing

Proud of Our Feelings
Beautiful watercolor illustrations and text to help children and caregivers discover, have fun, and be proud of their feelings. Good gift. 

Publisher: Magination Press

Real Kids Taking The Right Risks—Plus How You Can, Too!
By Arlene Erlbach. Twenty-one teens are pictured with their interesting, short personal stories of the risks they have taken. All aspects positive and negative of risk taking are mapped out for ages 10-15. We think all ages can learn something from this book.

Publisher: Free Spirit Publishing

Sam, The Boy Behind the Mask
By Tom Hallman Jr. Pulitzer Prize winner Hallman tells the life story of Sam, now a teenager, from Portland, Oregon, who was born with a severe facial hemangioma. All the universal issues about family, fitting in, medical miracles, and inner strength are woven into this dramatic real life story. We could not put it down.

Publisher: G.P. Putman & Sons

Stick Up For Yourself—Every Kid’s Guide to Personal Power and Positive Self-Esteem
By Kaufman, Raphael and Espeland. Paperback book for students with separate Teacher’s Guide. This 10-part course for ages 8-12 leads students and teachers to face, articulate, and act on their feelings about themselves. Well focused, fun, and practical.

Publisher: Free Spirit Publishing

When I Feel Afraid
By Cheri J. Meiners. We welcome this lovely book, for ages 4-8, that helps children understand their fears (both real and imagined) and teaches basic coping skills. We think the adult section called “Supporting Children When They Feel Afraid” should be required reading for all of us working or living with children! Good gift.

Publisher: Free Spirit Publishing

Who's Calling the Shots? How to Respond Effectively to Children's Fascination with War Play and War Toys
By Carlsson-Paige and Levin. This 204-page paperback is full of practical and thoughtful ideas for parents and education communities to confront and combat the very negative effects of the violent war toys and Internet and film that are being sold as "play" for children. The book is full of practical ideas and resources for helping children reclaim control over their own play, combat consumerism and learn the skills for building a less violent future. A treasure of a resource!

Publisher: New Society Publishers

You Are Special
By Max Lucado. Thanks to the Mayo Clinics' Paula Freitag for suggesting that we add this resource. Paula read this hardcover book to a teenage patient who was dealing with a brain tumor. After hearing the story, the teenager said, "That is a story about real life." 

Publisher: Crossway Books, 1997