Patients, parents, and professionals are raving about this simple inexpensive eating device. This invention can revolutionize the care of jaw and oral surgery patients, old and young.

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Soft-Sipp Bottles
The Soft-Sipp leak-proof Squeezable Feeder is designed to replace awkward syringe feeding, enhancing liquid nutrition for infants & toddlers after surgery. The exclusive design includes an easy-to-handle collapsible bottle and an ultra soft tip. Simply squeeze to deliver important nutrients without the risk of injury to newly sutured areas of the face and mouth. This bottle promotes comfort for both patient and care-giver, helping to reduce stress and make post-op feeding a positive experience. See Zip-N-Squeeze for contact and ordering information.

Also see The Healing Jaw.

Dinner Through a Straw
Let's Do Lunch (and other meals)

By Becky R. Dethero. Delicious recipes.

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A Patient Education Guide for Wired Jaws
By Becky R. Dethero. Plastic Surgical Nursing (Winter, 1995, vol.15, no.4).