To advance knowledge about, by, and for people with facial differences and to promote their full and equal participation in society.


To be recognized as a reputable source of information and resources that those with facial differences, those who care for them, and the general public can go to with confidence and a desire to learn.

About Us

The Let's Face It web site shall serve as an online resource for the dissemination of a wide range of information about facial differences. Our intended audience includes individuals with facial differences; their friends and family; medical, dental and mental health care providers; teachers; employers, and those interested in learning more about facial differences. Through the sharing of this information, we hope to promote the full and equal participation of people with facial differences in all facets of life.

The Let's Face It web site will disseminate a wide range of information about facial differences to a wide audience of viewers. This vision will be accomplished by bringing together respected specialists across a number of fields including audiology, dentistry, genetics, maxillofacial surgery, nursing, orthodontics, plastic surgery, psychology, social work, speech-language pathology, and others to provide condition-specific and general information. Our vision is that ready international availability of accurate information about specific conditions, associated conditions and treatment options will facilitate communication and treatment planning between medical care providers and their patients with facial differences. This will promote fair and equal treatment and full inclusion of people with facial differences.