These four artists can bring healing light to our lives. Peter Alsop has even written and recorded a song called “Let’s Face It” for children in hospitals who are having facial surgery! One 10-year-old boy we know spent peaceful hours after jaw surgery listening to this tape of Peter’s. Universal issues are faced as we hear and see these dedicated, talented performers. We urge you to stop, look, and listen and invite them to your communities for fun and to enrich the lives of all. Their audio, video tapes, and CDs make super gifts.

Peter Alsop
Through concerts, workshops, tapes, CD's, films, song books, etc., Peter Alsop's serious messages about family strife, self love and respect of others are presented with humor and fun. One CD is for young children and has songs such as: I Need a Hug, My Dad's a Jungle Gym and Poop goes the Weasel!

  • Weekend Workshop - Helping Families Help Themselves

Moose School Records
P.O. Box 960, Topanga, CA 90290
(800) 676-5480
E-mail: peter@peteralsop.com
Web: http://www.peteralsop.com

Since 1981, Jim Newton has been visiting hospitals and communities with his songs that help boost self-esteem and encourage healthy expression of feelings. In the Hugworks series children can hear Jim with Peter, Paul, and Mary's Noel Paul Stookey sing songs like I Can Be the Best I Can Be, It's Alright to Ask for Help, All It Takes Is a Friend, and Hospital Rap.

752 Mary Dr., Hurst, TX 76053
(817) 268-0020
E-mail: hugworks@hugworks.org
Web: http://www.hugworks.org

Music From the Heart
Jeff Moyer, song writer and inspirational champion of self-esteem and civil rights for people with disabilities, offers song books, CD's and personal appearances that will enrich any home or community. He has been called the troubadour of inclusion and character education. Listen for Jeff's comments on National Public Radio's Morning Edition.

Music From The Heart
670 Radford Dr., Highland Hts., OH 44143
(440) 442-2779 or (888) 323-0626
E-mail: moyer@jeffmoyer.com
Web: http://www.jeffmoyer.com

David Roche
A spokesperson for all with facial difference! For a video to preview his message or to come to your community, contact David Roche at:

191 Throckmorton Ave., #1B
Mill Valley, CA 94941
(415) 381-3518
E-mail: daveroche@aol.com
Web: http://www.davidroche.com

  • War of the Wills, and Other Stories About Family
    As told by David Roche and Marlene Blavin. This delightful, gentle, humorous CD has tales that gave us belly laughs. The CD would make a great addition to anyone recovering from surgery and is fun for all. David Roche, a San Francisco based comedian was born with a hemangioma and we thank him and his wife for this 2004 addition to our resource list.

  • The Perfect Flaw is an important new documentary film featuring David Roche. In 27 minutes, producer Mike Grundmann invites us into David's world of living with facial disfigurement. David's reality is interlaced with scenes from his home and stage lives. David is a professional comedian, public speaker and storytelling coach. A major message we get from the film is that our face is not who we are. Our reviewers feel this film will be powerful for ages 13 & up.

See Mike Grundmann's web site at: http://www.mikegrundmann.com.

Films for the Humanities and Sciences
(949) 722-7720
Web: http://www.films.com

  • Plan B, Further Thoughts on Faith - Anne Lamott, in her book, Plan B, has an inspiring and powerful essay about David Roche. Go to your public library or bookstore to read Chapter 8, “Sincere Meditations.” Excellent for use in disability awareness programs (junior high through adult).
    Publisher: Penguin Group, New York, NY