Brain Injury Association of America
Support and information network. Be sure to tap into the Brain Injury Association’s new booklets and resources. One of our favorites is called “Communicating With An Adult After Brain Injury.” For new, first-class resources on Brain Injury call or check out their web site.

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Lash and Associates Publishing/Training
A treasure chest of inexpensive resources about children's head injuries for professionals and families.

Brain injured children and adults and many others are being wrongly identified as having learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, emotional problems, etc. Lash & Associates publications and web site, with its "survivor’s stories," etc., can help everyone to identify, understand, and cope with these disabilities. Their resources are inexpensive, easy to understand, and well researched.

One example of a resource that we cherish is a child’s book called Elvin, the Elephant Who Forgets. Elvin has a tree branch fall on his head; he can’t count his figs, he gets mixed up at school and doesn't get along with his friends. A visit to the nueropsychologist helps him understand that he’s not a bad little elephant... he has a brain injury. This paperback book can help children, friends, and classmates understand brain injury.

We salute the vast, inexpensive, and useful resources of Lash & Associates. For your free catalog and one free "Tip Card" (you have the choice of 35 different subjects) see their web site.

Marilyn Lash
708 Young Forest Dr.,
Wake Forest, NC 27587
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Lash Publishing has just added three new products. Click the title to link to Lash Publishing for a full description and ordering information:

Branches to Recovery - A terrific CD-ROM that will help families, clinicians, educators and advocates understand the effects of brain injury in children. With English and Spanish options, this CD is a valuable resource for families, hospitals, rehabilitation programs and agencies. Item: BRRE $25

Take Two: After Traumatic Brain Injury - This 16 minute video show the educational challenges faced by three youths as they return to school. This is an ideal in-service tool for educators and clinicians, as well as families. Item: TTWO $20

Neurospsychological Management of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury -
Here is the comprehensive and practical textbook that deals with the cognitive and emotional sequelae of mild traumatic brain injury. Item: NMMT $55 (Traumatic Brain Injury web site)
An online community for those suffering from a traumatic brain injury.