Strategic Planning

Updated: April 3, 2017

Responsible Growth & Sustainability

Vision: To lead through financial viability that empowers our community to engage in strategic and continuous advancement.

Goal: Identify and offer incentives to expand sources of revenue and implement operating efficiencies focused on the school’s mission resulting in sustainable growth. (Increase revenue, decrease expenses.)

Actions Success Measures
Engage personnel for feedback to identify ideas that will achieve revenue growth and constrain expenses.  
Narrow actions to those that most strategically fit and are measurable in nature.  
Identify an inclusive process to involve faculty and staff.  
Implement initiatives, assign personnel responsible, and measure results before considering a second phase.  


Goal: Engage Dentistry stakeholders with a comprehensive, understandable and transparent financial reporting system that educates and inspires ownership laying the foundation for sustainable growth.
Individual reports for FY15 used for this purpose are included in the ongoing transparency material below.
90% of the key stakeholder groups demonstrated a 17% improved understanding of the school's clinical and overall financial status as measured by pre- and post-surveys.
Completed Jul 2015
Overall financial situation:
  1. FY2015
  2. FY2016

Clinic finances:

  1. FY2015
  2. FY2016

Research activity:

  1. FY2015
  2. FY2016
Presentations about the school's clinical and overall financial status are made to and feedback received from key stakeholder groups, as well as are made available to the entire school community via the intranet.
Completed: Dec 2014
Goal: Employ performance indicators that support decision-making linked to strategic priorities.
Establish an overall financial plan for the School
Establish criteria to measure success in terms of positive operating results for each of the next five years as demonstrated on the 5-year projection tool that is part of the Provost budget process.
Completed Dec 2015
The overall financial plan was accepted by the School Leadership.

Create a dashboard that demonstrates the annual progress on the most salient factors in the overall financial plan. Show each item of the dashboard in terms of green - yellow - red indicators for progress toward goals so users can easily see where we stand in the action.
Completed Jan 2017
The 15-16 overall financial presentation has been placed on the web accessible to the community. It has green - yellow - red indicators to serve as indicators for progress in each major component in the plan.

Stewards: Michael Fox, Director of Budget and Financial Planning and Jacques Nör, Chair of Cariology, Restorative Sciences and Endodontics