Historical Videos

Dr. Moyers on the Frontiers of Orthodontics 
Principles of Occlusal Development with Dr. Lysle Johnston
Preclinical Orthodontics at the University of Michigan
Mixed Dentition Analysis
Dr. McNamara on Facial Mask: Delivery
Dr. McNamara on Fabrication and Use of a Utility Arch
Dr. Robert Ricketts Interviews Dr. Arthur B. Lewis
Dr. Robert Ricketts Interviews Dr. Arthur B. Lewis
Dr. Bjorn E. Zachrisson on Interproximal Stripping
Dr. Jack G. Dale on Serial Extraction
Interview with Prof. Rolf Frankel 
Dr. James A. McNamara Talks with Dr. Thomas M. Graber, About Chin Cup Therapy
Dr McNamara and Dr. Wilson Discuss Maxillary Molar Distalization

Dr. McNamara interviews Dr. Wilson on the Modular 3-D Lingual Arch
Dr. McNamara interviews Dr. Proffit on Archwire Materials and Selection
16. Dr. McNamara interviews Dr. Okeson on Occlusion, Orthodontic Treatment and TM Disorders

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