Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Multicultural Affairs Committee (DEI-MAC)


The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Multicultural Affairs Committee (DEI-MAC) is comprised of students, faculty and staff from the School of Dentistry with the purpose of promoting diversity and planning activities that celebrate different cultures.


The mission of the University of Michigan School of Dentistry DEI-MAC is to create an atmosphere where students, staff, faculty and patients can inter-act and benefit in a supportive environment by promoting justice and by exploring and celebrating differences and similarities.

The DEI-MAC will contribute to the University of Michigan School of Dentistry’s process for achieving excellence through diversity by:

  • Providing directions for change and promoting progress based on current and previous findings of the Multicultural Initiatives Committee
  • Acting as an advisory committee to the Dean of School and providing yearly progress reports to the Dean for dissemination
  • Supporting other groups and committees in promoting multiculturalism and diversity

The committee meets on the second Tuesday of the month. Dental student members are appointed for a three year term and dental hygiene students a two year term, with the new member being accepted once per year, usually in the Fall.


Gail Oliace

Gail Oljace

larry salzmann

Larry Salzmann, DDS

Todd Ester

Todd Ester, DDS

Randon Campbell

Jordan DeVoe

DEI-MAC Student Liaison
Brahan Eskinder

Brhan Eskinder

DEI-MAC Student Liaison
Bradley Harrison

Bradley Harrison

DEI-MAC Student Liaison
Omair Hasan

Omair Hasan

DEI-MAC Student Liaison
RayJ Jackson

RayJ Jackson

DEI-MAC Student Liaison
Oak Gar Moe

Oak Gar Moe

DEI-MAC Student Liaison
Carmen Lyn Vega

Carmen Lyn Vega

DEI-MAC Student Liaison
Nicholas Zhang

Nicholas Zhang

DEI-MAC Student Liaison


Staff Students Faculty Office of DEI-MAC Staff
Celia Alcumbrack McDaniel, MARCOM Said Al-Jazaeri Giovana Anovazzi Medeiros, OPD Blake Bufford, DEI-MAC Assistant, Grad Pros.
Todd Brown, Contracts & Grants Richa Bahtia, Grad Peds. David Apsey, CRSE  
Cara Canady, Dental Informatics Anthony Barraco, DH4 Sun-Yung Bak, BMSP  
Dinella Crosby, Office of DEI Amy Bulmer, DH3 Marcia Campos, CRSE  
Leen Dakhialla, BMSP Jordan DeVoe, D2, DEI Student Liaison Rogerio Castilho, POM  
Lisa Dodge, POM Brhan Eskinder, D2, DEI Student Liaison Geetha Duddnahalli Siddanna, CRSE  
Usha Dronamraju Kompella, Dental Informatics Aya Fattah, D3 Iwonka Eagle, POM/DH  
Nileshkumar Dubey, Research Fellow Bradley Harrison, D4, DEI Student Liaison Todd Ester, CRSE  
Shante Galloway, Human Resources Omair Hasan, D3, DEI Student Liaison Jian-Guo Geng, BMSP  
Mary Jo Gray, Compliance Alexis Holton, DH4 Elliott Hill, BMSP  
Nicole Haskett, Patient Services Marsha-Kay Hutchinson, DDS/PhD Marita Inglehart, POM  
Adam Johnson, Sindecuse Museum RayJ Jackson, D3, DEI Student Liaison Kenneth May, BMSP  
Bliss Ledford, Dean’s Office Carla Jones, Grad Peds. Martha McComas, POM  
Peggy Page, Grad Restorative Christina Jones, DDS/PhD Mark Migdal, Adjunct  
Melanie Panyard LaPointe, Dean’s Office Ryan Koa, D1, DEI Student Liaison  Romesh Nalliah, Patient Services  
Karyn Proctor-Wicks, Human Resources Tommy Lau, D4  Elizabeth Pitts, CRSE  
Cheryl Quiney, Patient Services Annie Lu, D1  Andrea Pobocik, CRSE  
Keisha Reid, Patient Services McKenzie Maynor, Grad Pros.  Casey Rhines, CRSE  
Deveny Rosebrock, Development Oak Gar Moe, D3, ITDP, DEI Student Liaison  Helena Ritchie, CRSE  
Raney Russell, CE Bhavinkumar Patel, Grad. Pros  Berna Saglik, BMSP  
Malines Scannault, BMSP Grad. Pros Ligia Schmitd, PhD  Shruti Thomas, CRSE  
Theresa Schneider, OCIO Administration Palak Shah, D4  Stefanie VanDuine, DH  
Gloria Sdao, OMSHD Nita Singh, OHS PhD/MS Peds.  Rodney (Vee) Vergotine, OPD
Katherine Shin, Academic Affairs Alexander Stryk, D1  Suman Vij, CRSE
Cherokee Taylor, BMSP Sophia Alexis Timban, DH4  Nikia Washington, POM/DH
  Carmen Lyn Vega, DH4, DEI Student Liaison  Megan Weivoda, POM
  Di Xie, D4  
  Nicholas Zhang, D1, DEI Student Liaison  


DEI-MAC "Respectful use of Pronouns: Why, What, When and How?"

DEI-MAC CE Course, 3/29/2022 - PDF slide deck

Speakers: Dr. Marita Inglehart & Dr. Todd Ester

DEI-MAC Getting To Know You - "Treating Patients of Muslin Faith"

DEI-MAC CE Course, 3/16/2022

Speakers: Said Al-Jazairi, BSD, Hygiene; Fatin Amireh & Mohamed Kazbour

TMJ and Gender Considerations

DEI-MAC CE Course, 2/8/2022

Speakers: Drs. Elizabeth Hatfield and Kristine Phillips
Apologies, the recording was started a few minutes into the presentation

Sleep Apnea and Dentistry

DEI-MAC CE Course, 1/10/2022

Speaker: Dr. Geoffrey Gerstner, DDS, MS, PhD, D.ABDSM Associate Professor of Dentistry; Biologic and Materials Sciences & Prosthodontics

Social Work and Dentistry

DEI-MAC CE Course, 12/07/2021

Speaker: Karen Burnett LMSW, University of Michigan School of Dentistry

Dentistry at the crossroads: Why now?

DEI-MAC CE Course, 9/27/2021

Speaker: Dr. Steven Geiermann, Senior Manager; Access, Community Oral Health Infrastructure and Capacity & Council on Advocacy for Access and Prevention; American Dental Association

pride month
Pride Month

DEI-MAC recognizes the month of June as LGBTQI+ PRIDE Month. Visit our Pride Page for more info on events and resources for Pride month and beyond.

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Taste Fest

Each year DEI-MAC hosts a Taste Fest. This event highlights food from the many diverse cultures representated at the School of Dentistry.

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Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

DEI-MAC celebrates Martin Luther King Jr Day with a speaker, presentation of the Ida Gray Diversity Awards and a reception.

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Women's Tea

In celebration of Women's Awareness Month, the DEI-MAC celebrates the past, present, and future achievements of the women of the School of Dentistry.



Ida Gray, Class of 1890, was:

  • First black woman to graduate from the U-M School of Dentistry
  • First black woman to earn DDS degree
  • First black woman to practice dentistry in Chicago

These few facts about the life of Ida Gray are from university records. In response to a request for information from University’s Alumni records Office in 1910, Dr. Gray wrote that she was born on March 4, 1867, in Clarksville, Tennessee. In 1920, however, she wrote that she was born on March 4, 1870, in Cincinnati, Ohio.

There are indications Ms. Gray became interested in dentistry in Cincinnati when she came under the influence of Dr. Jonathan Taft, the founding dean of our School. Dr. Taft was an early advocate of women dentists. He was the only dentist in Cincinnati who was willing to accept a determined young woman as an apprentice in his office in 1859--that was Lucy Hobbs, who was to become the first woman dentist.

Ida Gray made it known in her later years that she had worked in the Cincinnati office of Dr. Taft before she entered our school in October 1887. Her student record notes Dr. Taft was her preceptor. At the time of Ida’s 1890 graduation, 22 women had matriculated in our dental school.

At the time Ida entered the Dental College (1887), the curriculum was in transition from a two-year to a three-year program. She returned to Cincinnati following graduation and practiced there until 1895 when she married James S. Nelson and moved to Chicago. They resided on State Street, and Ida became Chicago’s first black woman dentist. For the 1900 U-M Alumni Catalogue, she wrote her husband’s full name as, “Captain James S. Nelson, attorney.”

By 1903, their address was 3652 Wabash Avenue, another famous Chicago street, and it remained her home until her death. An updated clipping from her stationary contains her professional name, Ida Gray Nelson, D.D.S.

In 1929, Ida married William Rollins, and used the name of Dr. Ida N. Rollins for rest of her life. Ida died on May 3, 1953. Her obituary in the Chicago Tribune noted that Dr. Ida Nelson Rollins, 87, had retired in 1928 and that Mr. Nelson died in 1938. There was no indication that Ida had children.


Nominees must be a faculty member (current or alumni), staff member or student with present or past affiliation with the School of Dentistry. They should possess two or more of the following criteria:

  • Commitment to diversity
  • Shows creativity in creating a climate of care, acceptance and welcome
  • Offers their talents to continuing a climate of welcome and change
  • Willingness to serve as mentor or role model in the issues of diversity
  • Assists in the education of diversity through speaking, writing and living by example
  • Works to create new dialogue among persons of diverse cultural backgrounds


Nominations for Ida Gray awards can be made at any time by sending a document that includes the nominee's name and the school role (faculty, staff, student [class year]) and explanation why this person should receive an Ida Gray award based on the award criteria (above). The document should be sent to to the following DEI-MAC co-chairs: