Supporting our colleagues in dentistry through public health initiatives, research, and education

The Michigan-Ethiopia Research, Growth, and Education in Dentistry (MERGED) program was developed over three years by Sheri McCormack, Michael Sesi, Dr. Diane Chang, and Dr. David Brzezinski. Over this spring break 2017, their initial visit to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia took place. Sheri, Michael, and Dr. Chang were able to meet and discuss collaborative research and community health initiatives with dental professionals and students at Addis Ababa University and St. Paul’s Hospital. They witnessed how dentistry is practiced in that part of the world and gained a better understanding of obstacles that dental professionals in Ethiopia overcome. Future goals include aiding in the installation of community health education programs overseen by the dental institutions of the city and forming collaborative research studies with the interested and motivated faculty and students that our Wolverines met in Addis Ababa.

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