Strategic Planning

Updated: April 17, 2017

Research & Discovery

Vision: To lead through preeminence in basic, translational, clinical, and educational research.

Goal: Bolster our research programs to ensure excellence and stability.

Actions Success Measures
Establish a coordination center for all clinical trials at the School of Dentistry.
A review committee to oversee all human and clinical research activity in the School of Dentistry is established.

On Schedule
Achieve By: Jan 2018
Increase the number of manuscripts published in journals with an impact factor of 5 or above.
From 43 in FY 2016 to 50 in FY 2017.

On Schedule
Achieve By: Jul 2017

Goal: Accentuate the school's stature as a center for outstanding research training with seamless incorporation of research into education and patient care.

Actions Success Measures
Establish a research training program for principal investigators and study team members to promulgate best practices. It should occur during the on-boarding process and at annual intervals thereafter.
Principal investigator training program developed and launched.

Goal Achieved
Completed: March 2017
First training session held and participants report research operations knowledge improved.

On Schedule
Achieve By: Jun 2017
Study Team training program developed and launched.

On Schedule
Achieve By: Oct 2017


Goal: To bolster our research programs to ensure excellence and stability.
Create a schoolwide mentoring plan that aligns with departmental mentoring plans and addresses the needs of faculty at all levels: junior, mid-career, and senior.
100% of tenure track assistant professors are actively working with a mentoring team by January 2016.
Completed Jan 2016
Implement the critical portions of the strategy.
A mentoring program is in place to support 100% of associate professors and professors without extramural funding to successfully apply for extramural funding.
Completed: Jan 2016
Goal: Advance the school research foci in an environment that fosters collaboration, cooperation and resource sharing.
Draft a research incentive program which supports the transition to independent funding that covers the faculty responsibility (FR) portion of the a faculty member's salary.
Draft document is ready for vetting with the faculty.
Completed Jan 2017
Vet the proposed research incentive program with the tenure track faculty.
Revised program is ready for piloting with the faculty.
Completed: Apr 2017
Pilot the revised research incentive program with two tenure track faculty.
Pilot faculty earn a greater portion of their FR than the previous year.
Completed: Apr 2017

Stewards: Russell Taichman, Associate Dean for Research and David Kohn, Biologic and Materials Sciences